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Jun 09th 2022 ADOM Victory - Mix Master Mike The Gnome Barbarian
Apr 13th 2020 ADOM Victory - Archie the Human Archer
Jul 10th 2017 Modern ZZT Editing With KevEdit
Jun 24th 2017 Closer Look: Nightplanet
Jun 19th 2017 Closer Look: City of ZZT
May 29th 2017 Closer Look: Psychic Solar War Adventure Code Analysis
May 24th 2017 Closer Look: Psychic Solar War Adventure
May 10th 2017 Closer Look: The Making of Quickhack
Apr 30th 2017 Closer Look: Edible Vomit
Apr 25th 2017 Closer Look: Forrester
Apr 10th 2017 Closer Look: ZIG
Mar 31st 2017 Closer Look: Burglar!
Mar 21st 2017 Closer Look: Doom
Mar 12th 2017 Closer Look: Oaktown
Feb 25th 2017 Closer Look: Yapok-Sundria
Jan 31st 2017 ZZT Comics
Apr 02nd 2016 ADOM Victory - MadTom the Grey Elven Wizard
Jul 12th 2016 ADOM Victory - Rofl the Dwarven Fighter
Jan 23rd 2017 Closer Look: Aceland
Jan 09th 2017 Closer Look: Frost 1; Power
Dec 31st 2016 An Interview With Jim Crawford - Frog Fractions 2 and ZZT
Dec 31st 2016 Closer Look: Nightmare
Dec 19th 2016 Closer Look: Virus 302: Special Edition
Dec 10th 2016 Closer Look: Turmoil
Nov 27th 2016 Closer Look: MST3K
Nov 20th 2016 Closer Look: Smiley Guy
Nov 13th 2016 Closer Look: The Underground Bugtown of ZZT
Oct 29th 2016 Closer Look: CAT, CAT, THAT DAMN CAT
Oct 23rd 2016 Closer Look: The Lost Monkeys
Oct 08th 2016 Closer Look: Merbotia
Sep 28th 2016 Closer Look: Pop
Sep 11th 2016 Closer Look: Deep December
Sep 05th 2016 The Making of Ruins of ZZT
Aug 24th 2016 Closer Look: Zem! and Zem! 2
Aug 15th 2016 Closer Look: Dungeons of ZZT
Aug 12th 2016 Worlds of ZZT Patreon
May 27th 2016 The Legend of Zelda - A Lazy Link
May 16th 2016 Revisiting Chase Bramlage's Operation: OBRIAN
Mar 11th 2016 My First Doom Map - LIPSUM.WAD
Dec 06th 2015 DETERMINATION - A ZZT Undertale Demake
Dec 06th 2015 The Sims speedrun 30:57 [career% w/ Tutorial Abuse]
Dec 06th 2015 Dungeons of ZZT Speedrun - 1:24
May 04th 2012 Town of ZZT Speedrun
May 04th 2012 Dungeons of ZZT Speedrun
Apr 09th 2015 Revisiting Deceiving Guidance
Dec 22nd 2012 Let's Analyze (The Town of) ZZT! - Part 4
Dec 15th 2012 Let's Analyze (The Town of) ZZT! - Part 3
Dec 09th 2012 Let's Analyze (The Town of) ZZT! - Part 2
Dec 08th 2012 Let's Analyze (The Town of) ZZT! - Part 1
Mar 21st 2015 ADOM Victory - Ivee the Ratling Healer
Aug 18th 2010 ADOM Victory - Zamros the Hurthling Farmer
Aug 03rd 2007 ADOM Victory - Moonshine the Dark Elven Ranger
Apr 13th 2006 ADOM Victory - Micah the Drakish Paladin
Nov 01st 2009 Hugo's House of Horrors
Nov 10th 2007 The TI-83+ Got Me Through High School