OwO Who's This?

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It's a race to figure out who can figure out the fursona of their anonymous roleplay partner first!

How To Play

X is used to confirm, Z is used to cancel (when applicable)

In 1P mode, select your fursona and alternate against an AI to select a question: "Are you a...", "Your kink is..." followed by the relevant attribute: "Fox", "Paws"

The numbers in the chat window represent the number of panels you and your opponent have left unflipped.


In 2P mode, the host selects a 4-character seed which the second player then adjusts their seed to in their own browser window using the arrow keys.

Each player then locally picks their fursona and is able to freely flip and unflip panels freely. You'll have to talk to each other to actually ask and answer the relevant questions!

A helpful fursona reminder is listed on the bottom of the screen.