Blackout Poetry JS

Blackout poetry is the art of taking text, and removing most of the words, leaving something new behind.

By removing words new art is created.

Try it yourself:

  1. Drag this link into your bookmarks toolbar: Blackout
  2. Go to the page with your source text (news articles, wiki pages, forum posts, whatever!)
  3. Click the link and begin highlighting text and watch as it's blacked out
  4. Take a screenshot when done!

You can also select different colors to white-out or green-out text by clicking the colors that appear at the top of any page!

It's also rather finicky, so be confident in what you blackout.

Note that this code does rely on a Google hosted version of jQuery if a copy cannot be found on the page.

Inspired by Newspaper Blackout by Austin Kleon.

Source Code